3 Critical Questions To Cultivate Your Culture

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I discovered a new coffee shop today. It’s by far the nicest in Canton, OH. The branding is unique and strong. The baristas are welcoming. The environment is very attractive and engaging.

There is only one thing the establishment is short on: Customers. About twice an hour, the door swings open and 1-2 people come in for a purchase. It begs the question: With everything this coffee shop is doing right, why isn’t it seeing better results?

I’ll bet you’ve wondered the same thing about your church. You work hard to build a unique brand. You train a team to welcome new guests. You spend countless hours creating an attractive environment. Yet doing the right things can still leave us all in search of results.

Here’s why I think this coffee shop struggles: Its leaders are more concerned with doing the right things than being the right organization. Being is not about branding, baristas, and environments. It’s about developing an organizational culture that engages people with a cause.

In the same way that a great coffee shop without a great culture is limited, many churches are also held back by their lack of attention to culture. It’s not that leaders don’t understand the importance of their organization’s being. But with weekly services and an array of programs to run, there is always so much to do.

So in the midst of ministry’s demands, how can you go about cultivating the culture of your church? You can start by keeping these three questions in front of your team:

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