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5 Stages of Growth (and why you beat yourself up more than necessary)

Early in my leadership, I had several great mentors who were always willing to provide …more

Fixing the Accountability Problem On Your Staff

Are you comfortable with the level of accountability that exists on your staff? Most leaders …more

Why I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Wait To Be Right

Originally written for I’ve noticed a common trait among many pastors and leaders. I’m …more

How to Stick to Your Strategic Plan

Originally written for A few years ago, I was working with a church to …more

How Multisite Can Wreck Your Church

Originally written for Going multisite can expand your ministry, reach new people, and have …more

How To Make Budget Cuts In A Healthy Way

Churches often make budget cuts the easy way, as shown in the chart above. They …more

Visible and Vulnerable: Church Leaders and the Fight Against Perfect

Originally written for I’ve never met a church leader who didn’t struggle with vulnerability. …more

Future Church: Leaning into the Digital Disruption

Originally written for Digital disruption has been at work for a while. It has …more

Where Your Sacred Cows Come From: Sacred Cow Tipping (Part 2)

Originally written for Recently, I shared the importance of sacred cow tipping. If you …more

Sacred Cow Tipping

Originally written for If you were trying to get somewhere important, you wouldn’t drag …more

How Senior Leaders Create Culture Every Day

Originally written for I’m becoming more and more convinced that the greatest responsibility of …more

6 Ways Good Pastors Make Bad Hiring Decisions

Originally written for We all know the feeling. You hired a rockstar leader with …more