How Senior Leaders Create Culture Every Day

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I’m becoming more and more convinced that the greatest responsibility of a senior leader is to develop the culture of the organization.

You can try your best to control results and dictate responsibilities, but that will only end in confusion and disappointment. Staff members will ask you more questions than you have time to answer. High capacity leaders will leave for a place where they can actually use their gifts. And your church will be doing everything you want without actually achieving the results you desire. Maybe you are experiencing that right now.

A better approach is to create a culture in which everyone deeply understands your desired wins and values. When that level of culture is established, you can heavily empower leaders to make decisions and still trust that everyone is moving forward together in the right direction.

But how can a leader actually create a culture? While it is the most intangible aspect of an organization, it is created by several tangible components. Take a moment to consider the five below:

Your church’s culture is created by…

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Ryan Stigile