3 Places To Look For Greater Self-Awareness

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Everyone who lacks self-awareness has one thing in common: They don’t know that they need to be more self-aware. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really need to work on my self-awareness!” So if people who aren’t self-aware don’t know that they are not self-aware, how can we know the ways in which we need to grow?

The truth is that we all have gaps in our personal leadership. Some of those gaps can be embarrassing. Some of them create tension with others. Many of them hold us back from making progress. Unfortunately, leaders tend to be the most blind to the problems that are the most personal. It’s very possible that your biggest gap is the one you can’t see!

So if we cannot see our gaps, how can we go about discovering and addressing them? To identify our personal gaps, we have to start by looking out, not in.

The environment around you responds to the gaps within you. By looking out into the environments you lead, you can begin to see the effects of the gaps in your leadership. Simply put, self-awareness begins with environment-awareness.

If you’re interested in growing your self-awareness as a leader, take a moment to assess these three key parts of every environment:

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Ryan Stigile