5 Strategic Misconceptions About Multisite

Originally Published on TonyMorganLive.com

Recent estimates suggest that as many as 8,000 U.S. churches are utilizing a multisite strategy. I’m confident we’ll see that number continue to increase. On one hand, I’m excited to see more and more churches taking steps to expand into new communities. On the other, I’m afraid that many churches are considering a multisite strategy prematurely.

The reason? Leadership teams often misunderstand the actual purpose of multisite. Here are a few strategies for which it is often mistaken:

1. Multisite is not a Growth Strategy.

If you’re not currently reaching people, a new location is not going to fix that. You don’t become a growing church by going multisite. You go multisite because you are a growing church.

If you’re looking for growth, identify your existing challenges before taking on a new one.

2. Multisite is not a Change Strategy.

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Ryan Stigile