9 Major Stallers To Church Projects and Initiatives

Originally written for TonyMorganLive.com

Churches often get a bad reputation for not being able to see things through. In fact, in nearly every church I’ve worked with, someone has shared the story of a past initiative that fell short of the finish line. What was once the reason for the team’s excitement turned into an unrealized dream and a giant disappointment.

A stalled project can easily be one of the most frustrating experiences for a church staff. It’s quite possible that you’re in the middle of a stalled project right now. If not, you may be leading a project that has the potential to stall somewhere down the road. In either case, you need to be aware of the issues most likely to get in your way. To keep your project moving forward, be ready to address these 9 major stallers to church projects and initiatives:

  1. The Lead Pastor isn’t actively engaged

There’s a difference between being engaged and being in the room. With projects that impact the entire church, the lead pastor’s endorsement and genuine engagement is critical to success. If a project is going to involve the entire team, then everyone must see it as a priority. Only the lead pastor can communicate that level of importance.

Is my lead pastor tolerating the project or endorsing the project?

  1. Lack of clarity about the objective

It’s common for different individuals to buy in to a new project for a variety of reasons. Take time early on to define exactly where you’re going and how you’ll know when you’ve arrived. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself in unhealthy conflict when individual team members are trying to go different places.

Is everyone clear on what how the “win” is defined?

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