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Recently, I passed a truck stop attempting to hire more wait staff. The sign said, “Experienced servers apply.” I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Is it really that important for a truck stop server to be experienced?”

Though not usually quite as obvious, many organizations overvalue experience. Churches are no exception. It is natural to take the same hiring approach as this truck stop, focusing only on people who have done it before. But experience isn’t nearly all it takes to be successful.

Have you ever had a serious problem with a staff person? I’ll bet it wasn’t because he or she lacked experience. In fact, most staff issues could be prevented if we focused our hiring more on the qualities of a person and less on his or her experience.

Only you can determine the specific qualities needed. The next time you begin a hiring process, define the following three types of qualities for the position:

  1. Personality Qualities – Every possible candidate has a unique personality. Identifying the personality qualities most essential to success will help you better see who is a natural fit for the job. Are you looking for someone with a big personality? Do you need someone who can handle high levels of stress? Make a list of the personality traits that would help a new hire succeed.

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