I’m Moving

3 years ago this month, I joined the staff Mount Paran Church. I was a naive 20-something fresh out of Lee University. They were willing to take a chance. I think it worked out well! In a very fast 36 months, here’s what I saw take place at MPC…

  • Dr. David Cooper recognized a need to simplify the ministry around a single vision with three core values: Growing Up, Growing Together, and Growing Out
  • Staff members from different departments joined together to pursue shared objectives for greater ministry
  • A diverse offering of isolated ministries was traded for a focus on three primary programs: Studies, Groups, and Teams
  • Small groups became a driving priority in the discipleship process
  • Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry joined hands to develop a holistic Family Ministry strategy that truly partners with parents

The story of Mount Paran Church is a primary example of what can take place when pastors are willing to lead change. I’m privileged to have had a small part within it. That being said, it is time for me to step away and step into the story of another great church. Today, I am joining the team at NewPointe Community Church in Northeast Ohio. Here’s what I know about the story I’m joining…

  • NewPointe exists to help people realize and reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.
  • NewPointe has grown from less than 100 weekly attendees to over 3,500 attendees under the leadership of Dwight Mason
  • The church currently reaches out to 4 cities through 4 campuses.
  • NewPointe has a 10×20 Vision to reach Northeast Ohio through 10 campuses by 2020 (That’s 6 new campuses in the next 7 years!)
  • NewPointe seeks to reach its communities through church campuses, community leadership, and local education.
  • The staff team is healthy, talented, and sure to stretch me in the best of ways.

That being said, I am taking the position of Asst. Director of Development. I’ll be focusing my efforts on the strategic launches of 6 new campuses, staff development, special projects, and managing a year-long internship program. This is definitely an “Only God” challenge that I’m excited to take on.

Emily decided she’d still marry me and will join me in July. If you’re ever in Dover, Ohio, be sure to look us up! So far, I know of three places to take you: a great church, an Amish buffet, and a wanna-be-Starbucks with the worst chai tea latte.

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Ryan Stigile