Introducing GrowthSolutions for Smaller Churches

Growing up as the pastor’s son in several smaller churches, I saw first-hand the challenges unique to congregations of a few hundred or less. While the megachurches I’ve worked with certainly have their difficulties, smaller churches don’t have it any easier. Here’s what I genuinely believe to be true:

Smaller churches don’t have smaller challenges. They have a different set of challenges.
Overextended staff.
Family influences.
Fewer resources.
Highly involved boards.
Any of these sound familiar?
If you’re a smaller church leader looking to grow your congregation, you need an approach that’s tailored to you. Not just an approach that’s designed for the average church. A more personal approach that will take into account your challenges, your strengths, and your opportunities.

That’s why I’m excited by the launch of GrowthSolutions from Tony Morgan and the team at The Unstuck Group. 
GrowthSolutions is designed to coach church leadership teams who want to take intentional steps towards growing their weekly attendance to 500 and beyond. It leverages aspects of the Strategic Planning and Ministry Health Assessment processes to deliver a tailored consulting experience.
Simply put, this is an experience designed for churches whose potential is greater than their size. If that sounds like the church you’re leading, click here to learn more about GrowthSolutions from The Unstuck Group.
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Ryan Stigile