What Most Leaders Miss When They Implement A New Idea

Originally written for TonyMorganLive.com

Great church leaders are always implementing new ideas to further develop their ministry. Unfortunately, many fail to see fully what those ideas will require of themselves or their team. It is not uncommon for leaders to seek new “products” while resisting the underlying processes required to create them. For example…

  • Many pastors want better creative elements in their sermons but they’re not willing to write their sermons several weeks in advance.
  • Many pastors want more people in small groups but they’re not willing to give up stage time to promote the program.
  • Many pastors want their team members to try something new but they’re not willing to cut the old programs that take up their time.

Every product you desire has a process it requires. When leaders seek new products without adopting new processes, they only create frustration and disappointment for everyone. The only way to avoid this is to change the process to create a new product. Whenever you take a new idea to your team, immediately follow up with these three process-creating questions:

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Ryan Stigile