Why Are 50% of Church Staff Teams Unhealthy?

Originally written for TonyMorganLive.com

1 in 2 church staff members do not believe their team is healthy and effective.

The health of a church begins with the health of its team. You simply cannot build an effective church without building a strong staff. We want to help you do just that!

That’s why we partnered with Vanderbloemen Search Group to ask church leaders how they staff and structure their teams. The responses were nothing short of surprising. In fact, we were shocked to learn that nearly 1 in 2 church staff members do not believe the team they work with is healthy and effective. Specifically, that’s 47% of churches that are likely struggling to reach their communities because they are not building a great team.

What would the staff members of your church say about the health of your own team? What steps are you taking to help them become more effective?

In our research, we found that the most effective church staffs operate very differently than the restTheir leaders develop Next Level Teams that are successful in the following areas (and more):

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Ryan Stigile