Without These 4 Steps, Your Vision Will Fail

Originally Published on TonyMorganLive.com

If you’re a church leader, you likely have a vision for this ministry year. There’s something you passionately feel your team needs to accomplish. Maybe you’d like to better minister to families. Maybe you’re hoping to start new small groups. You might even be considering the launch of a new campus. Whatever that vision may be, I hope you’ll accomplish it. But I’m concerned that many church leaders will end the year disappointed.

Most annual visions have the shelf-life of a new year’s resolution. It won’t be long until the pace of ministry picks back up again. Weekend services, unexpected problems, and flashy “opportunities” will threaten to pull your focus away from the vision. Even Easter is lurking right around the corner.

When a team gets distracted, most leaders believe that more vision-casting is the answer. But if your team lacks discipline, it’s only a matter of time before you get pulled off course. You likely know this because vision-casting alone has failed you before.

A year’s worth of progress requires a disciplined process.

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Ryan Stigile