Managing Time (by creating less of it)

Money management is best learned when the need for money is greatest. The same is true of time. The less time we have, the more efficiently we use it.

Walk into any college library and you can tell the difference between the students who have a paper due in a week and those who have one due in the morning. There is no difference between the two groups, their work ethics, or abilities. Observe them again in a week and you’ll find the first group behaving much like the second is today.

It is one thing to have the ability to manage time but an entirely different thing to have the discipline to do so. And the discipline to manage time is best discovered when time is needed most.

What could you accomplish if you put yourself in situations that forced the discovery of discipline to manage your time better? What opportunity are you saying no to because you, “just don”t have the time”? Accepting new opportunities does not have to require additional time that you do not have; just better management of the time you already have.

The discipline to manage is discovered with scarcity.

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Ryan Stigile

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