Archbishop Desmond Tutu at #Leadercast [Notes]

Here are the most valuable principles from Archbishop Desmond Tutu at Leadercast 2014. What questions do these raise for your organization? How about for your personal leadership?

The Art of Good Leadership

“Imagine a world in which leaders did not make decisions based only on strategy and economics but on what would be best for everyone involved.”

1. Good leaders listen to all. Especially those who disagree with them.

  • Real leaders are not blinded by the trappings of power. They recognize their role as servant.
  • Good leaders have nothing to hide. They are accountable.

2. Good leaders lead.

  • They don’t make decisions based on what will get them greater support.

3. Good leaders know when to retire.

  • Tutu jokingly remarked, “That one doesn’t apply to me,” and then walked off stage.

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Ryan Stigile