Bill McDermott at #Leadercast [Notes]

Here are the most valuable principles from Bill McDermott at Leadercast 2014. What questions do these raise for your organization? How about for your personal leadership?

Starting a Deli + Applying at Xerox

  • It all begins and ends with the customer.
  • Started a delicatessen. A teenage customer gave this feedback: “When we want to be treated with dignity and respect, we come to your store. When we want to steal stuff, we go to 7-Eleven.”
  • When interviewing with Xerox, Bill recognized that other applicants were just window-shopping companies. He thought, “Now I’m back in charge because I know exactly why I’m here today.”
  • When his interviewer told him that HR would call him back soon, “Bill said, ‘I promised my dad that I was coming home with a job tonight. And I haven’t broken a promise to him in 28 years.’” — He was offered the job on the spot.

Building Your Dream

  • Recognize who has the real force and power to drive your decision forward.
  • Always be open and agile. What you imagine in your mind will happen in the meeting will change before the meeting even begins.
  • 2 types of people in organizations: The people who go for whatever opportunity comes. And the people who wait around for the perfect opportunity.
  • Bill took leadership of the worst performing region in the company.
  • 3 things employees in the worst performing region asked for: 1) Stop cutting costs; 2) Give us a clear vision of what you want; 3) Bring back our Christmas party.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of an underdog with a plan built around the wishes of the people.
  • In a company turnaround, the voice of what is possible has to change.
  • Build your strategy around where the world is going…not where it has been.
  • Your organization is either growing, getting bored, or probably broken.
  • Have an audaciously bold dream for who you are and what you mean for this world. And don’t ever let anyone take that from you.

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