Hydrate Conference, Day 2A

Day 2 of Hydrate Conference is only halfway through but it already filled with inspiring content. So far we have heard from Craig Groeschel, Shannon Chapman, and Travis Johnson. Check out their main points below…

Craig Groeschel (LifeChurch.tv)
– There is a big difference between trying to succeed for God’s reasons and trying to succeed for personal reasons.
– If we build attendance and do not grow people, we have a crowd and not a church.
– If you want to expand a ministry you have to release control.
– Young leaders: You’ll most likely overestimate what God wants to do through you in the short-run and underestimate what God wants to do through you in the long-run. Live a life oof faithfulness.
– Seasoned leaders: You need to learn from a younger generation just as much as it has to learn from you.

Stevens Creek Church Staff Panel
– Adding the wrong personalities to a staff can severely damage the chemistry of the team.
– Preachers should learn from other communicators who are not preachers (i.e. comedians, politicians, actors).
– As a second chair leader, bring your point leader into conversations about your strategy and execution.

Shannon Chapman (Ethos, City Church, Chatt.)
– Leaders are called to create the FUTURE
– F ~ Focus on the Vision :: Vision cannot be duplicated when it has been God-given for a particular community.
-U ~ Understand the Loss :: Recognize and accept that people may leave during the change process. Embrace the season you are in for the season that is coming.
– T ~ Transition the Mind :: In periods of decline, you can continue leading from memory or start leading from imagination.
– U ~ Unite the Team :: Everyone must be on the same page.
– R ~ Realize the Potential :: Imagine what could be and then start thinking about “what will be”
– E ~ Eliminate Distractions :: Maintain focus on the vision.

Travis Johnson (LifePointe Church)
– One of the best ways to plant a church in the Church of God is to find a declining church and re-plant it.
– We must be ministry pioneers and start leading with initiative (the ability to act before being required, directed, or permitted to act).
– You cannot be a pioneer without having thick skin.
– We encourage missionaries to learn a culture but criticize domestic church planters for adopting their culture.
– Unless we couple mission with initiative, it becomes an omission.

Which of these points speaks loudest to you? If you are at Hydrate, what else caught your attention?

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