Dr. Henry Cloud at #Leadercast [Notes]

Here are the most valuable principles from Dr. Henry Cloud at Leadercast 2014. What questions do these raise for your organization? How about for your personal leadership?

Leaving A Positive Wake Behind Your Leadership

  • You leave two things in the wake your leadership: Results + Relationships
  • There are people with great results but ruin relationships and lose influence.
  • There are also leaders with great relationships who don’t get results and also lose influence.

If your influence is going to go past you, you must…
1. Truly Know Your Team

  • For you to have an influence that goes beyond yourself, the people you are leading must trust you.
  • You will build trust to the degree that the people you lead feel like you are connected to them.
  • Trust comes from one thing: The human heart wants to be known and understood. Do the people you lead feel like you know and understand them?
  • You truly understand your people not when you understand them, but when they understand that you understand them.

2. Have a Purpose that Goes Beyond You

  • Your vision must be about something bigger than yourself.

3. Give Up Control

  • Every human being is wired to desire control.
  • Tony Dungy: Teams that win the Super Bowl do 3 things — Keep the ball. Avoid penalties. Cover punts and kick-offs well. — Focused on the things within their control.
  • Empower people to take control of something and show them how it connects with the purpose that goes beyond you.

4. Do What You Ask Them To Do

  • You have to be willing to do everything you ask your team to do.
  • Sometimes you ask people to do things and then later find out all the risk it entails. You must be willing to embrace those risks for and with your team.

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