Making Waves

Some people are wave makers.  They are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and fight for serious change.

Others are wave riders.  They may lack the knowledge, influence, or courage to initiate change.  But as soon as someone gets it started, they’re ready to jump on.

Don’t try counting the number of wave riders when the waves don’t even exist.  Someone has to churn the waters and give the rest a reason to ride.

What paradigm in your organization is causing the water to stagnate?
What must you do to make serious waves?
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Ryan Stigile


    • Great thought, Tim. I agree, there definitely is a third group of wave resisters. But I think we too often miscategorize wave riders as wave resisters because we haven’t given them a reason to act. What do you think? Have you ever seen someone unexpectedly buy into change?


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