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Open to Change: Barriers to Perceived Need

Last week’s post discussed the two factors that contribute to any individual’s level of openness to change: 1.  Perceived need for change  AND 2.  Perceived feasibility of change . In continuing that topic, there are specific barriers that prevent one from recognizing the need for …more

Open to Change

An individual’s level of openness to change is based on two variables: . Perceived need for that change Perceived feasibility of that change Insistent:  “We must change this and we can change this!” Hesitant:  “We must change this, but can we?” Complacent:  “We don’t need to change this even though we are able …more

What’s your problem?

There are 2 simple reasons a person would move from Los Angeles to New York City. . The first exists when she sees the benefits of NYC, then sees by comparison the problems in LA, and finds NYC to be a better place to live. …more

Takeaways from Oak Leaf Church visit

This past Saturday evening, I had the chance to visit Oak Leaf Church, a campus of West Ridge Church.  This campus is portable, meeting at a music venue in Cartersville, GA creatively named the “House of Rock“.  Each time I visit a new church, I …more

Great conversations.

At least once a week, you have a great conversation with another member of your team.  You talk about what could happen if only your team made that change or implemented that idea.  But what ever becomes of those conversations? What would happen if those great conversations turned …more

Attendance Regularity: The important data hidden in your Children’s Ministry

Though some disagree, the analysis of attendance numbers is very important to your church.  Numbers represent changed lives.  And what could possibly be more important in ministry than changed lives? . But if you’re only looking at mass attendance numbers, you may be missing something.  Mass …more

Team Community 4: Collaboration to Community

The past few posts have focused on the process to team community and methods for transition between each stage of that process.  Today, we’ll complete this series by focusing on the final transition.… This transition from collaboration to community requires the greatest shift in the perspective of …more

Team Community 3: Celebration to Collaboration

Last week, I shared the process to team community and we took a look at the transition between the first two stages of that process.  Now, let’s look at the next transition, from celebration to collaboration. In celebration, team members have a felt desire for …more

Team Community 2: Cooperation to Celebration

On Monday, I described The Process to Team Community.  The next few posts will focus on methods for transitioning between stages in that process.  First up, the transition between Cooperation and Celebration. In cooperation, team members view working together as a bartering system of favors, with no …more

The Process to Team Community

The process toward community on a work team is much different than that of social community. Social community consists of relationships thatВ begin with and are centered around a mutual interest individuals have in one another, with no greater purpose, goal, or project. It is generated …more