Randall Wallace at #Leadercast [Notes]

Here are the most valuable principles from Randall Wallace at Leadercast 2014. What questions do these raise for your organization? How about for your personal leadership?

  • During the first take of the epic Braveheart scene, the entire acting army gave a rally cry at William Wallace’s first call to action…even though they were supposed to resist it.
  • We all are wired to want to find the place where we can say, “Standing in this place at the risk of my life is more important than my little life.”
  • Freedom and rules don’t go well together. This is the paradox of Christianity.
  • One of the greatest rules of Christianity is to give.
  • “[In Hollywood,] I felt my soul was dying. [By starting a non-profit] I found my hands dirty and my heart clean.”
  • I found that the secret is giving in secret.
  • The joy in secret giving creates the obsession to give again.

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Ryan Stigile