Simon Sinek at #Leadercast [Notes]

Here are the most valuable principles from Simon Sinek at Leadercast 2014. What questions do these raise for your organization? How about for your personal leadership?

  • In military, we give medals to people who sacrifice self for others’ gain. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so we may gain.
  • Leaders are the ones who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their people.
  • A leader would never sacrifice people to save the numbers. They would sacrifice the numbers to save the people.
  • The idea of using mass layoffs to balance the books this year is a recent practice.
  • In one company, the CEO believes in heart-count, not headcount. Rather than cutting people, they asked people to take unpaid vacation at the time most convenient for them. “Better that we all suffer a little than that some of us suffer a lot.” Employee morale went up!
  • The only characteristic required for leadership: Courage.
  • True leaders want their followers to grow beyond where they are themselves.
  • Marine Corp tradition: The most junior person eats first. The most senior officers eat last.
  • But in business, we tell entrepreneurs, “Pay yourself first.”
  • When we put the well-being of others before ourselves, they in turn look after our own well-being.\
  • You can’t measure good leadership day-to-day. So we put our attention on the daily measurables (costs, revenue, etc.) and sacrifice longterm leadership. In time, neglected leadership shows its impact.
  • A good leader gives people the opportunity to pursue the things they wish they had.
  • I used to think that Congress was the problem with America. Now I believe that Congress is a reflection of us and our own leadership.
  • At the end of the day, we want to feel safe around the people we work with. Are you creating that safety for your team?

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Ryan Stigile