The Chip Shot

So I played golf yesterday. Which really means I walked around with a bag of metal sticks making an absolute fool of myself. I often find I can throw a club further than I can hit the ball. And throw them I do. (Yeah, I’m working on that.)
Obviously, it was a bad round for me (as most of my rounds are). But on the 16th hole, I actually made a good shot! Well, a good shot for me anyway. It was a great chip from a few feet off the green that somehow rolled right into the cup. Now to many, that’s not an impressive shot. But that’s really my equivalent of a hole-in-one. And despite my absolutely terrible performance, that simple chip shot was enough to keep me from dropping my clubs off at Goodwill on the way home. That one good shot, out of many many others will be enough to keep me playing golf.
Similarly, when I’m having a streak of failures (as tends to happen on occasion), one small win can be enough to keep me working toward my goals. It has to be enough. I must recognize and hold on to the small wins. Because sometimes they’re the only wins I’ll get for a while.
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Ryan Stigile

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