The Little Things

It’s easy to ignore them.  A typo that most people won’t notice.  One sign that is slightly confusing.  A camera operator who is always just a bit out of focus.  None of them make that much of a difference…by themselves.

There are two reasons why the little things should be dealt with like big things:

1.  They add up.  A paint job is ruined by a lot of little scratches.  And an organization is hindered by the culmination of many small inattentions to detail.
2.  They send a message.  When ignored, they say, “mediocrity is excellent enough.”  When dealt with, they say, “total excellence is the only option.”
The little things are often the easiest to resolve.  They just always get passed over for “bigger problems”.
What are the little things in your organization that keep being ignored because, “they don’t make that much of a difference”?  Why not start a list and commit to fixing one a week?  I doubt your list will ever end.  But I guarantee your organization will continue to get better.
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Ryan Stigile

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