What are you afraid of?

Every year, October 31 is dedicated to the celebration of fear; odd considering that our initial reaction to the concept of fear is negative.  Why would we celebrate such an unwelcome thing?  It’s true that many fears are not worth our celebration.  For example…
Fears that stabilize.
  • If we launch that new project, we could ruin the business
  • If I tell him the truth, he may never speak to me again
  • If I talk to her about my faith, it may damage our friendship
  • If I ask for more responsibility, I may prove myself incapable
However, there is some fear that may actually be worth celebrating…
Fears that mobilize.
  • If we don’t try something new, our business may never reach new markets
  • If I continue hiding the truth, our relationship might always be guarded
  • If I don’t share my faith, she may never experience life with Christ
  • If my responsibilities remain the same, I may never be challenged to get better

Our goal should not be to escape fear altogether.  But to develop a fear of the right things.

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Ryan Stigile

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